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Savoir Faire

             arvesting is carried out entirely by hand and usually takes place in September. Picked at perfect maturity, the golden Chardonnay berries will produce champagne, famous for its finesse and delicacy. Freshly cut, the grapes are delicately pressed in one of our two traditional presses, each containing 4 000 kilograms of grapes. 

Slow fermentation comes next, thanks to our thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, where our harvest will slowly be transformed into wine. Philippe CHARLEMAGNE takes immense pleasure in fermenting its « Mesnillésime » cuvée in 225 liter oak barrels where the wine will develop new aromas. After fermentation comes the time of blending, by marrying wines with different aromatic and organic qualities and proceed with each blend, which is unique. This process, the secret of which is tightly guarded by the Charlemagne house, is a search for that special harmony which will give exceptional cuvées.

After blending, the wine is bottled. The bottles will age quietly in our chalk cellars, where bottle fermentation will naturally take place in the dark of our constant temperature cellars. Our high quality cuvées patiently ripen, until the expression of our savoir faire is highly acclaimed by champagne lovers. After riddling and disgorging, our bottles are meticulously prepared and labelled, before receiving the Charlemagne emblem : The Eagle !